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Mom died two weeks ago. The funeral was yesterday. Her last wish was that her four kids scatter her ashes around some of her favorite places around the neighborhood of the family home. You all agreed, some reluctantly and some lovingly, and now you’re here and you have what’s left of your mother in an urn, and a lot of emotions to walk out.

Scattering is a four-player LARP of sibling dynamics and grief, taking place on a diagetic walk. It has contemplative moments and moments of family nonsense, though on the whole it is heavy and sad. Each sibling gives a short speech about their mother in a designated location along the walk, and scatters some ashes.

This game was written to run in Jamaica Plain, Boston, but it can be adapted to run in a different location. Let me know if you're interested in a New York City version or a version for somewhere else.

Scattering premiered at A LARP Festival in 2024. Due to the nature of the game, it is not feasible to run it at a convention that takes place in a hotel out in the suburbs. However, I'm open to running it in other situations, should they come up.