Theatrical Portfolio


Below is a list of LARPs I have written or co-written.

I generally like to write LARPS that are on the emotional side, that emphasize narrative structure and interpersonal dynamics.

I'm open to being asked to run most of them. If there's not a note on the game, feel free to ask.


Mom died two weeks ago. The funeral was yesterday. Her last wish was that her four kids scatter her ashes around some of her favorite places around the neighborhood of the family home. You all agreed, some reluctantly and some lovingly, and now you’re here and you have what’s left of your mother in an urn, and a lot of emotions to walk out.

Scattering is a walking LARP where four siblings scatter the ashes of their mother around Jamaica Plain. It has contemplative moments and moments of family nonsense, though on the whole it is heavy and sad. Each sibling gives a short speech about their mother in a designated location along the walk, and scatters some ashes.

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Growing Up in Flames

When a phoenix dies, they go up in flames and are reborn as a fledgeling, a process known as molting. The fledgeling is adopted into phoenix society, sometimes as a young member of the same family but sometimes by completely new people. Phoenixes remember their previous lives at first, but forget them over the course of their childhood and completely by the middle of their adolescence. This is hard for some, who want to remain attached to their past lives, as well as for the people who want to maintain a connection to their friend or loved one’s new self rather than move on.

Growing Up in Flames follows six phoenixes over the course of one lifetime. Periods of role-playing are alternated with journaling to represent the intervening years. All but one character molt over the course of the game, leading to difficult decisions as they mourn their past lives and set out on new ones.

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Sit Tight

Sit Tight is a LARP about the experience of waiting, in various levels of aloneness, for something you have no control over. It explores feelings of anxiety and isolation. The game is played out over three different scenarios, each exploring the same themes in a different context.

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Monsters Under the Bed

Monsters Under the Bed is a game about a child and the monsters that live under their bed. During the day, those monsters inhabit the child’s stuffed animals, and listen to the child talk about their life. At nighttime, those monsters come out and scare the child, uncovering their fears.

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Prisoners of Memory

Prisoners of Memory is a game about the price of immortality, and making difficult decisions with limited information. I wrote it with Olivia and Elisa at Peaky Midwest in 2021.

In the Hall of the Beast

In the Hall of the Beast is a game of dim light and bargaining with the devil that I wrote with Xavid and Edwin for Iron GM at Intercon T in 2020. Unfortunately, it was eaten by the pandemic and we never revised it to run again.

Fading Lights

Fading Lights is a magical realism coming-of-age story that takes place in a library. I wrote with Xavid and Edwin for the Iron GM contest at Intercon S in 2019. It's It's since run at several other venues. Game materials on

The Gardens of Kepler-452b

The Gardens of Kepler-452b is an online LARP of space gardening, exploring foreign landscapes, and conceptions of the world and our place in it. I wrote it with Edwin and Mehitabel for Iron GM in 2021.

What We Saw at the End

What We Saw at the End is a game of alien archaeology and relating to past societies, written with Adrien and Peter for MOLW 2019.